Private Yoga

Private Sessions

One-on-one sessions are an opportunity to learn yoga in a manner specifically designed for your physical and mental needs. Most people do not have a strong sense of body awareness and do not receive adequate attention to detail from instructors in a group class. In a private setting, the practitioner is given one-on-one guidance which is the best way to deepen your practice and learn how to integrate its principles into a lifestyle.

Private one-on-one sessions start at $80 an hour. Discounts are available for recurring standing appointments booked in advance.


Private Group Classes

Group yoga classes are a great way to find your own way into yoga. Each session is designed with a physical and/or mental theme by Jenai. Themes include stretching and strengthening specific areas of the body, balance, and mental control. Private group sessions are great for family, friends, &/or coworkers to practice yoga together at a discounted group rate.

Semi-private group sessions are available by appointment. Contact Jenai for a quote!

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