Jenai was fantastic.  We spent an entire morning with her starting with yoga on the beach.  We had a large group and she accommodated all levels.  I practice yoga 3-5 times per week and her flow was fantastic.  She allowed time for some to get deeper in the poses and explained everything to those who were beginners.

We then did Stand Up Paddle Board where we paddled around Newport Harbor.  It was beautiful and she was not only great showing the technique, but a lot of fun to cruise around with.  A small group of us even did yoga ON the paddle board.  Pretty awesome experience and I will definitely sign up with Jenai next time we make the trip from Colorado to Cali.

Kathy G.

After spending the day running around with the bridal party, I had the biggest headache. After doing yoga with Jenai I felt refreshed and my headache was gone. We had a lot of fun and I appreciated the modified positions for those of us who were new to yoga. I also like the way she explained how some of the different positions affect your body including positions the help detoxify. Thanks Jenai!

Debbie M.

I have been taking Yoga class from Jenai over the last year, and she has been a very good instructor.  I crossfit, and my body is very tight, so Jenai worked with me to help me stretch out, and lengthen my muscles.  Yoga with Jenai was huge for me.  Jenai also treated a group of my friends to Yoga on standup paddle boards, that was fun!

Ed J.

Jenai is absolutely amazing!  I had a lot of guests from out of town come into town for our wedding last fall.  We did a group yoga session with Jenai on the beach.  It was amazing.  She was extremely accommodating to peoples various yoga skill levels.  After the yoga session was over, she did a stand up paddle board lesson and took everyone on a tour of the Back Bay.  We even did yoga on the paddle boards!  I would highly recommend Jenai.  We had an absolute blast!

Audrey J.

One thought on “Testimonials

  1. i have been taking yoga with Jenai for the past few years and really value her ability to not only lead the group but to really help us all focus and meditate. Her yoga and paddle classes are just wonderful too and it’s so great to do them out in the open

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